The internet landscape is changing

Don't get left in the dot com dust. There is opportunity for tremendous growth by using natural-language in your advertising campaigns.

Invest now, in domains and extensions that are better aligned with how your customers search online. This will position you for greater reach when algorithms change, and begin influencing SEO.

No one has to remember if you're a .com, .org, .net, .tv, .us, or .biz - nothing is more memorable than Natural-Language.

The true genius of this transition is that you don't have to abandon your dot com. You can keep it until you're ready to make the switch. It's still your main internet address, you've invested in it, and it has intrinsic value.

Instead, think about portfolio expansion with "search friendly" domains that are keyword-rich

and semantically correct, in other words,


When someone lands on your new dot.whatever, you can simply redirect (forward) traffic to your current website, or use it as a stand alone landing page for special offers, a blog, or a microsite. The opportunities are endless.  


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